Kent Beer Festival 2014

Kent Beer Festival - The Future

We have had lots of worried people contacting us here at KBF HQ all desperate to know if the Kent Beer Festival is continuing and if so where will it be staged?

Well - fear not!! The simple answers are that the Kent Beer Festival WILL continue in its current format for many years to come, and it will continue to be held at Merton Farm.

Questions may have arisen for 2 possible reasons:-

  1. Lounge on the Farm is moving from Merton Farm after this year. We are staying!
  2. Our present organiser Gill Keay is retiring from her post after completing her 40th festival as organiser! Not to worry - there is already a new organiser in place and ready to take over after this year’s festival. It is Andy Mitchell, who has been working for the Kent Beer Festival for the past 20 years. Andy, along with the present organising committee, will continue to bring you the best Beer Festival possible.

We thank you for your continued support and we hope you will join with us in celebrating our 40th anniversary this year, we also look forward to seeing you again for Kent Beer Festival 2015!