Kent Beer Festival 2014

Pictorial History


Kent Beer Festival History
1975-1983            Dane John Gardens, Canterbury
1984-1985            Kent County Cricket Ground, Canterbury
1986                       Woodville Halls, Gravesend
1987-present     Merton Farm, Canterbury

  • 1998 GlassIn memory of Derry Williams our licencee for many years
  • 19871st KBF at Merton Farm
  • 1970's Dane JohnPutting up marquee
  • Dane JohnThe year the Marquee arrived a day late
  • Gill Keay1975 Beer Festival
  • 1987 Merton FarmPig tries to get in for free
  • 1st Kent Beer FestivalDane John 1975
1998 Glass1 19872 1970's Dane John3 Dane John4 Gill Keay5 1987 Merton Farm6 1st Kent Beer Festival7